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Many novice sellers try to track keywords using inefficient tools and dubious services. Amazon Marketplace is a semi-closed ecosystem that is notoriously difficult to get a hang of. The only keyword tracking solution we recommend to all our readers is the KeyworX tracker tool. We use Keyworx, in tandem with multiple other professional grade tracking programs, to track individual keywords and corresponding sales with incredible efficiency.

Tracking keywords focused sales affords you two valuable optimisation signals:.

Website Traffic Secrets: 24 Traffic Generation Tutorials [from experts]

Your number one priority should be to get your product on the first page for your primary keyword s. Once achieved, natural organic sales will start to take over and assuming you have a good product, your brand will continue to grow as a result. Failing to do this will not only give your competitors a clear way ahead of you, but it will also spell the end for your business. Out of all the key performance indicators you will be tracking, organic rankings are at the heart of all of them.

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In fact, organic rankings are what you get when you boil every important indicator down to a measurable number. So, essentially speaking, improving organic rankings is the only sure-fire way of improving sales on Amazon.

11 Website Promotion Tactics You Need For Explosive Traffic

As you can see in the graphic above, organic rankings are influenced directly by the top 5 Amazon KPIs. In a world now dominated by wanting everything as fast as possible and influenced by social media, demands can change at a rapid pace. This is our comprehensive Amazon marketing strategy we use to help clients grow their Amazon businesses by focusing on increasing organic rankings first.

We have based this strategy on two counts — boosting short-term sales to improve the ROI and creating a stable platform to launch a sustainable and profitable business in the long term. The low barrier to entry has already spawned countless spin-offs that end up eating into the profits of legitimate, quality-centric businesses like yours.

The best way to tackle this problem is by following a well-planned marketing strategy. Having already helped dozens of struggling Amazon businesses turn the corner in a matter of weeks , we bring on board the most diverse set of skills, expertise and on-hand experience. You know your Amazon business has what it takes to make it big. Request a proposal today for quick, reliable results that push your products up the rankings every single time and boost your profits immediately!

To learn more about how we make our Amazon product rankings stick in the long term, take a look at this video:. Learn More. June 27, Share on facebook Facebook. Share on twitter Twitter. Share on linkedin LinkedIn. Last Updated on June 4, Updated June Amazon marketing strategies in come down to three core elements: The Product: The product side of your Amazon marketing plan deals with conveying the superiority of the product. Contents show. Does Your Keyword Convert? Target Everything Without Becoming Broad.

Next Step — Analysing Competitor Listings. How is our product different? Ask for Reviews. Personal Networks. Sponsored Product Ads. Product Display Ads. Implementing Paid Advertising External Sources. Have an Email List? Put It to Good Use! Use your network. Stage 6: Keyword Focused Sales. Reverse engineering the search intent has some special advantages. This approach has a massive edge over conventional demographic research.

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  • As an Amazon seller trying to build a brand amidst all the noise, your primary concern should always be the intent-centric customer segmentation — not blind, misfiring demographic research. This is an ongoing tug-of-war between two important ideas — keeping your listing wide open to maximise impressions while also keeping it specific enough to match the searcher intent. Let's Go. Just how Google uses backlinks as the measure of trust in a website, Amazon uses a host of metrics to decide which listing has the best chance of converting.

    Unlike Google, Amazon has a vested interest in your sales — the more you sell, the more they make. To get the best results from any Amazon marketing strategy, you need a product that you know people would want and like.

    Create A Instant Viral traffic explosion With This Secret Website Traffic Software!

    Product development has always been and will always be the most sustainable force behind sales. Social proof is a direct function of quality. It can be a good indicator of how your product development plans are working out and what your next round of tweaks should focus on. Every purchasing decision is based on five factors: need, want, appeal, quality and pricing.

    If your product has many USPs that align with all of these factors, you are on the right track. Stage 4: Product Launch Phase 1. Reviews are the lifeblood of Amazon businesses. On Amazon, customers who receive heavily discounted or free items are much likelier to leave positive reviews. As an Amazon Seller, you should always — without exceptions — concentrate on mobilising your listings in the upward direction for important keywords.


    The organic ranking of a listing is what you get when you put together the effects from all other KPIs. So, treating organic rankings as your most important KPI automatically takes care of every metric involved in the process. The means may change and the themes may evolve, but the focal point of every Amazon marketing campaign should always be sales driven by organic rankings.

    Let's Talk. Tom Buckland. If you really want to reach out in Facebook, you need to spend time posting well edited photos and well written content. To Facebook, the volume is not significant but the quality of the post is. Make sure you really spend good time on selecting good photos and good content before posting onto Facebook.

    Another Tips on Facebook is for you to use shorter message. The truth is nobody likes to read long winding message but people prefer messages that are short and simple. Make sure you know what your prospect wants and decide your message to broadcast. The 2nd social media platform that you could focus on to explode your content marketing is Twitter. Do you know that there are estimated ,, unique monthly visitors on Twitter.

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    You could see the numbers of prospects that you can reach out through Twitter. The number 1 tip that I would recommend is to use hashtags. By using hashtags, it will make it easier for people to find your content. You could include revelant hashtags to your tweets. If you are not utilizing it then you are really in a big mess. The creator of the board will often leave detailed instructions to join their group board.

    Step 3: Start contributing with valuable content from authority websites and blogs.

    33 FREE Builderall Bonuses – Builderall 3.0

    Look through your Pinterest Analytics and see which posts from your blog have gotten the most engagement and share them throughout your pinning schedule. To receive referral traffic, you need to make your pins clickable. Work on the copy of your pin description and create attractive images. Influencer marketing has been on the rise. According to Google Trends , from to , interest in influencer marketing has been steadily increasing. When asking influencers for a quote, it implies being featured on a blog and getting a link back to their website for under a minute of their time.

    Once the post is published, send them an email or a shout out through a tweet to let them know about your post. The more your content gets in front of other bloggers, the higher chance you have at generating backlinks. You may not always get an exclusive quote from an influencer. Tag them on Facebook and LinkedIn posts and mention them in tweets.

    If your post is insightful and helpful, even the busiest people will make time to add it to their social queues. They will share it if they feel it highlights them in a positive light or if they believe it will help their audience. Round-up posts are curated lists of articles that did particularly well in a given timeframe daily, weekly, monthly.

    These round-ups get a lot of engagement and views since everyone on that list is keen to share their mention with their audience. Kristi Hines put together a massive round-up of blog posts about content marketing. This made hers stand out from puny top 10 lists.

    It includes everything from eBooks and whitepapers to blog posts and infographics. You can find bloggers in your niche who publish round-ups and resource posts by running a few Google search queries like these:. I even shared your round-up on [social network]. Not all sites will include your post, so make sure you reach out to several bloggers for inclusion. Thousands of popular blogs have CommentLuv enabled. CommentLuv is a WordPress plugin that rewards both the content creator with high engagement stats and the commenter with a dofollow backlink.

    Silviu Constantinescu, founder of Net Market Success, increased his traffic 8 times after he started contributing on CommentLuv-enabled blogs. Imran Esmail, founder of Escape Your Desk Job, saw a huge boom in his long term traffic when he started using Quora as a promotion tool. One of his earlier answers August 29, still sees action to this day.

    His stats report showed 83, views to that particular answer. Quora is a question answer forum and to gain traffic from this medium you need to provide great answers. The average user on Quora is smarter than traditional forums. Your answers should be thorough and not just copy and pasted from your newest blog post. You can stand out by providing tried and tested solutions. Quora posts also rank well in Google search, making it an easy target to add your answers to posts that are already getting organic traffic.

    By participating in these threads, you can hi-jack referral traffic back to your website by adding a thoughtful answer with a supporting link back to your blog post. Instead of adding a link to your blog post in each answer, you can add a link in your profile bio section. People who get value from your answer may visit your bio and from there, go to your website.