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National Library website only. Ask a librarian More search options Ask a librarian Sign in. Back to search results. Previous result Next result. See original record Click to request to view this item, access digital version if available , and see more information. After a somewhat dubious trade involving an exchange rate of one case of Scotch whiskey for tanks, the contraband was transferred to Implacable and the air fitters set about adapting them to suit the Seafire IIIs.

However, it could still not match the performance of its US counterparts - a Corsair carrying a lb bomb could still fly further. Some pilots reported the 89 gallon 'teardrop' tank as having another, unexpected benefit: It changed the aerodynamics of the Seafire in such a way as to actually improve the type's landing characteristics. Whether it was this 'beneficial' drag or simply better trained and less fatigued pilots, Implacabe's Seafire accident rate was considerably lower than previous operations.

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But testing revealed the need for further modifications. Under the bombed bastions of the entrance to Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta, an escort carrier arrives with the deck loaded with Supermarine Seafire IIIs recognisable by their detached wingtips. It was found to be unstable due to an unexpected shifting of the centre of gravity. All Seafire F IIIs therefore received ballast weights, shifted radio equipment and modified elevator controls. Disturbed airflow produced by the folding joints contributed to the unexpected instability.

New seals along the wing fold points helped fill the gaps producing the disturbed airflow but never fully solved the problem. Pilots also complained of trim problems, aileron stiffness and decreased rate-of-roll at speed. Fixes were found through plating over the outer machinegun bays to give the wing extra torsional stiffness and roll-rate was improved through aileron balance tabs and the optional removal of wingtips. Remediating these stability issues considerably delayed the Seafire III program.

Production of the new wing also was an issue. Delays in tooling and manufacturing resulted in significant delays in their delivery. So successful was this, the last Merlin-powered Seafire, that it remained in service until The F III. Only about examples of this original version were completed with the Merlin 55 engine before production shifted towards the more powerful LF variant. The Merlin 55 was very similar to the 45, but had automatic boost control and barometric governing to reduce the load on the pilot.

These refinements, along with the aerodynamically "cleaned-up" wing and four-bladed propeller, boosted the IIIs top speed by some 20mph at all heights over the IIC. In operational service it proved to be faster than the F6F-3 Hellcat between ft and 14,ft, and was evenly paced with the F4U-1A Corsair between ft and 10,ft. Its empty weight was about b kg with an all-up weight of b kg. A cropped supercharger impeller helped this low-rated engine deliver hp at ft. It could achieve mph at ft. More than of this variant were produced. As with the reconnaissance variant of the Seafire LR IIC, this aircraft had provision for one vertical and one oblique camera in the rear fuselage.

Some were built. By the end of the war in , the Seafire III retained the best climb rate of all allied carrier-borne aircraft. It's ability to attain high dive speeds without losing control, as well as maintaining competitive level-flight speeds, guaranteed its place aboard British carriers for years to come. Despite the challenges of its light airframe, the Seafire's deck landing characteristics were eventually improved to acceptable levels. Perhaps' the Seafire's lasting epitaph comes not from a British pilot, such as Captain Eric 'Winkle" Brown, but instead an American one.

Its elliptical wing and long, slim fuselage were visually most delightful, and its flight characteristics equalled its aerodynamic beauty. The Seafire had such delightful upright flying qualities that, knowing it had an inverted fuel and oil system, I decided to try inverted 'figure-8s'. They were as easy as pie, even when hanging by the complicated, but comfortable, British pilot restraint harness.

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Spins were like a training aircraft, with instant recovery as soon as the controls were released. Even if I couldn't find the trim tab controls handily, which I couldn't, I didn't need them.

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  6. The stability about all three axes of the aircraft was low enough to be a fighter pilots dream and high enough to fly hands-off in mildly turbulent air, it was a great combination, acrobatics were a pleasure, the aircraft responded right after the thought came to the pilots mind, seemingly without effort. I have never enjoyed a flight in a fighter as much before or since, or felt so comfortable in an aeroplane at any flight attitude.

    It was clear to see how so few exhausted, hastily trained, Battle of Britain pilots were able to fight off Hitler's hordes for so long, and so successfully, with it. The Seafire III was a dashing stallion! Doctrine determined: Armoured Flight Decks. HMS Illustrious design and development. HMS Audacious Class.


    89 Best Supermarine Seafire images in | Supermarine spitfire, Fighter jets, Jets

    Technical Data. Fairey Fulmar: Development. Fairey Fulmar: Variants. Fairey Fulmar: Operational History. Hawker Sea Hurricane: Development. Hawker Sea Hurricane: Variants. Grumman F4F Martlet: Development. Grumman F4F Martlet: Variants. Supermarine Seafire: Development. Supermarine Seafire: Variants. Supermarine Seafire: Operational History.

    Fairey Firefly: Development.


    Fairey Firefly: Variants. Operation Pedestal. Operation Diplomat - Illustrious and Saratoga. Operation Meridian: The Palembang strikes. Hay, Royal Marines. Mitchell, USN. Task Force Iceberg I. Task Force Iceberg Oolong.

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    4. Task Force Iceberg I Redux. Task Force Leyte Layover. Task Force Iceberg II. Seafire Part 2: Production Models. It was the only fighter available that would fit into the new, low-hangar-roofed Implacable and Indefatigable. There were no other British aircraft. The Hurricane itself was not available in sufficient quantity and it was unlikely to be fitted with the Griffon engine or be modified to allow wing folding. I always go higher. I drift off to starboard and prang my Seafire.

      Supermarine Seafire Mk. III "Last Fights Over

      Seafire Operational Notes The Seafire would prove to be an excellent fighter in the hands of above-average flyers, but threatened to be a coffin for those who were not. So that, even if Admiral Vian had asked for advice on how to avoid Seafire troubles in the future, he would have received nothing useful in reply from the carrier trials unit. A Carrier aircraft should have at the very least two and a half hours of flying endurance for its work on combat patrols and much longer endurance than that for long-distance strike actions.

      But the Seafire could be airborne only for little more than an hour and twenty minutes before having to return to land. Cyril R. Great Britain. Search In. Supermarine Seafire F. Report post.

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